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Each year, thousands of Filipino women arrive in Canada to care for young children, the sick, persons with disabilities, and the elderly, leaving behind their own families.  They provide valuable support to Canadian families, but are often subject to difficult working conditions, abuse and exploitation.  Due to their temporary status in Canada, they are often unable to negotiate for better working conditions and are reluctant to complain. Due to the mandatory live-in requirement, they are vulnerable to abuse. When they try to escape abusive employers, they are subject to long delays in the processing of their work permits with harmful consequences to themselves and their families. Many foreign caregivers are professionals – teachers, nurses, accountants and engineers, to name a few.  While providing care for others, they lose their skills that they will need to have a bright future in Canada. To make matters worse, their aspirations for a better life are often taken advantage of by unscrupulous placement and recruitment agencies.

It is time to change all this!  It is time to recognize the value of the services provided by foreign caregivers!  It is time to protect their rights and that of their families!  Please join us to call upon the Government of Canada to:

• Grant landed immigrant/permanent resident status to foreign caregivers at the outset.

• Remove the mandatory live-in requirement.

• Ensure accountability from placement and recruitment agencies.

                           CAMPAIGN FOR JUANA TEJADA LAW    

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Pilipinong Migrante Sa Canada (PMSC)